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The Shangtex Hotel (Shanghai Hufang Dasha) is located in the city center,  near popular Nanjing Road with all its boutiques,  specialty shops,  restaurants and nightlife venues. It is about 13 kilometers from the airport and two kilometers from Shanghai Railway Station,  near local transportation hubs.Guests of this Shanghai hotel can also visit the hotel's beauty salon,  karaoke bar and shopping arcade.

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住客评论 1574条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • iceapple
    Hardware facilities
  • lansexiaomaomi
    Very good breakfast service was good nothing to say
  • Mapleleaflove
    Around Nice, the location is basically double breakfast, only to give a breakfast is also very general, very cheap, by the roadside, vehicles will be a bit noisy at night, but overall was very good.
  • ddt122
    Room was clean, but a bit too small. this location, there is no way.
  • AndyMeng
    Always stay at this hotel in Shanghai on business, the environment is clean, location is good, very close to people's square ... whether it be business trip or a family holiday you can choose.
  • bennixiao
    This room is renew and have lived here in Shanghai on business, HA HA ... This is the best hotel near the, hope that the hotel can be a lot of people know.
  • billjoy
    Overall, relatively old facilities.
  • cisco81658844
    Overall can be total service is satisfactory
  • e00250760
    Large room, clean! bed was quite comfortable, front desk very friendly! great hotel, highly recommended!
  • lengyubingxin
    Hotel location is good, close to the business district and the United Kingdom visa section. facilities can, but less noise, especially near the road room. rich breakfast, great.
  • cadstar
    Environmental services around is well, is expensive and no breakfast
  • daixinli
  • Miranda64
    Nice hotel, quiet, a bit far from Metro station, is the biggest problem the door is a one-way street by bus, come back to find line
  • js_daily
    Good clean, General travel, thanks to services
  • aladdin_lan
    From the United Kingdom is close to the Consulate, near the lovely hotel, nice
  • ..........
    Environment can also
  • @ Snail bird @
    Price, room was large, clean and lived fairly comfortable out fairly easy, not very prosperous areas, not too far from the Nanjing West Road, staff good, WiFi was broken early in the morning, call the help desk immediately send to repair.
  • bellawang712
    Health satisfaction, go to the visa application Centre for ten minutes, free upgrade to Executive room, all in all very satisfied
  • willing00
    Clean and quiet hotel, friendly staff, very good, is the suite, can live while in Office, haha. Choose this hotel in future:)
  • mobley
    Live here all the time, clean, convenient, cost-effective
  • Andrey1989
    Way to go 15 minutes from subway, come all the way downtown, then Shanghai's old buildings ... Many foreign friends to hang out ... Was deeply impressed by Shanghai's feeling ... Hotel very comfortable, can be seen many places very carefully, just do not know where the thunderous noise coming ... Three days ...
  • benowo
    In order to go to Huashan hospital in this hotel, overall was OK.
  • e04050151
    You alright
  • jl6213_cn
    It's OK
  • e01107487
    Facilities were old but clean
  • bao490422599
    All right
  • tant78
    Good location of the hotel is also very good service very good
  • fufentao
    You can also ... national day the prices very affordable.
  • lemon1036
    From United States visa close, clean rooms
  • Big bang
    The hotel is very clean, the breakfast is not much, but good quality.
  • everisme
    Well placed hotel, clean, quiet and comfortable. Good place for business trip.
  • e06259752
    Good hotel
  • JuneDu
    Pretty good
  • answer5
    Staff is very friendly. around very convenient, Xiao Yang San Jian, supermarket, fruit stand, a variety of fast food.
  • JAY Man
    Price is not high, the hotel is a bit old, breakfast is simple
  • aiwei223
    In Shanghai's Lane, location isn't very convenient
  • dear mouse
    A good environment, near the lot of food industry, services
  • Raiden
    Service very good, recommend!
  • abc7789291
    Hotel of location also is can, away from bus station not is far to where are also is convenient, hotel opposite has home 'small Dr health fried' morning out play zhiqian will to there eat a earlier, is convenient! hotel of facilities good, also is clean, bed is comfortable, set room sent has coupons is is affordable, restaurant of meals taste good, is component is small. total live has 3 late, respectively live has business between and featured room, business between of equipped with and layout is best of, anyway price also is good, canAgain.
  • luo__yun
    Hotel location, diagonally opposite the door and turn right opposite the bus station, a 20-minute walk to the subway station, surrounding food. the hotel feel good, clean health security, distribution of bottled mineral water are situated. wish to renew housing online with the rooms don't have room, very good, next time you choose hotel!
  • mf journey
    Multiple occupancy, hotel was good ... room was clean, the service was very helpful, especially reception, next time I will choose! overall very good great value. satisfaction, Oh!
  • benmen72
    Availability is tight, distance near where you want to do
  • Giganto
    Hotel location is very good, many restaurants around, rooms large clean and very quiet on the South side, breakfast 38 Yuan per person, a limited number of parking spaces in the basement should go soon ... overall nice, recommend staying.
  • ciciyang
    Old hotel, just like that.
  • linglc
    Hotel is very irresponsible, put us in an outdoor refrigerator without prior instructions from the next room and I spent most of the night on a similar plane roared, couldn't go to sleep!
  • pandalam
    Hotel is very clean and very comfortable! main benefits! really nice hotel
  • lpenc
    Good family hotel
  • dfming
    Beyond imagine of satisfaction is clean clean of. is towel somewhat not special special clean (somewhat cleanliness). shower head/upper and lower cannot regulation no earlier check night staff work has only found will with with other are is good computer actually is one machine not know luck bad also is how. Although can open Baidu so and eggs does not can see TV but TV also is good of Philips of water daily two bottle is free da location make in theQuiet away from Mellon square beauty check location 15 minutes walk on foot after a few blocks along the road and turn left to some petty shop style bar
  • emerson517
    Very good! is the WiFi does not give force! often doesn't work.
  • liyuany
    The location, next to Kaiba, is the best feature. For the money it isnt bad but there is little to boast about. The rooms are old, shower door leaked water all over the floor, door key took several attempts before it would work and the room wasnt ready when they checked me in. Cheap place to stay in a good location.