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The Shangtex Hotel (Shanghai Hufang Dasha) is located in the city center,  near popular Nanjing Road with all its boutiques,  specialty shops,  restaurants and nightlife venues. It is about 13 kilometers from the airport and two kilometers from Shanghai Railway Station,  near local transportation hubs.Guests of this Shanghai hotel can also visit the hotel's beauty salon,  karaoke bar and shopping arcade.

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住客评论 835条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • analysia
    Well, often live, 9 top of low frequency noise central air-conditioning is very strong, needs to be improved.
  • JaneWu118
    It wasn't too bad
  • jun8899
    Good location, hotel was good
  • feng935
    Away from travel of locations near, main is figure near, so select staying, hotel price also line! if service can again upgrade a grade, so on better has! hope hotel of business increasingly good! away from travel of locations near, main is figure near, so select staying, hotel price also line! if service can again upgrade a grade, so on better has! hope hotel of business increasingly good!
  • bennydong2009
    Is near from the American sign for easy
  • renecx
    Quiet, room, service is good, and will come again
  • larei
    Overall great, hotel very close to West Nanjing Road, the surrounding environment, the traffic is convenient, location in the city center, but a bit far from the tube, about a kilometer. rooms can also feel very warm. high cost performance, recommend staying! especially next to Yang Jian Bao, very delicious.
  • e00153017
    Second stay, families like here, traffic is convenient, mainly is to the relative quiet of the room. The suite, very good! offers recommended live!
  • cxn860312
    Cost-effective, there is broadband, wife, good health conditions, will choose this hotel next time.
  • jxsuperx
    Location of the hotel in the French concession, like environment, trade shops, can meet the needs of many girls shopping Taobao, bars at night to relax with the husband, very quiet, less than that hotel facilities is, after all, the old hotel. stroll past 15-20 minutes on foot from subway station, you can hit the shops on the way ... overall okay.
  • Alex_et
    Very good, good service, very quiet, lots of aliens.
  • E00144898
    It wasn't too bad
  • Bennywoo
    Good location
  • awang2008
    Hotel great service, attentive to the guests, next time will stay
  • wangwei67626
    Went to Shanghai to visit relatives, has been selected-Shanghai textile building, mainly location, facilities are OK, although prices are higher, but is also normal in Shanghai, is recommended.
  • aannnliu
    Very good location, the hotel is a little bit old, quiet ... comfortable stay
  • alangy
    Good location, quiet, next to Xiao Yang San Jian, Internet access is inconvenient.
  • allsoo
    All aspects of this price OK
  • M05862545
    So not worth the full price no way surrounding
  • guoguo12046
    Facilities good, clean and quiet environment, is near from the Nanjing West Road, Westgate Mall, along with green, Yang , Huaiyang dumpling shop, Westgate restaurant, Nanjing West Road, there are small shops very well, stroll around a small harvest, from the West Nanjing Road, within walking distance to Metro Line 2 line be reached within 15 minutes, and around convenience stores there are several, convenient.
  • ayguaiguaitu
    Affordable, environment good, continue to the next
  • axd57
    Environment well away from the United States the interview location is 10 minutes ' walk
  • fumagic
    Friends, pretty good
  • Max.F
    High performance-price ratio, very good
  • clm6303
    Shanghai spinning building location is very good, to around drink are very convenient, make in the take static, to Mei long square walk more than 10 minutes, near Nanjing West Road and Beijing West, distance Metro Line 2 line Nanjing West Road station walk about 15 minutes around, around also has 112 road and 23 road, bus. room of facilities and hotel of service this price Shang also is justified, on price for, also is worth recommended of a home.
  • Janet-ping
    Sound good, very clean, the front desk service was good-
  • gmjia.
    Service was very good, very satisfied.
  • colame
    Very good hotel for price. Location is good in French concession. Only problem is no Western breakfast and the in-hotel coffee bar, which serves western breakfast, seems to open after about 9.30 am
  • gooodtrip
    Front desk service was very good, the room spacious and clean
  • audio
    From hotel of appearance and the internal of facilities see obtained, in several years Qian should is is good of hotel, currently than up new up of some star hotel,, facilities aspects is some old. but, whole floors and the room within Pack have also is more clean of. location good, hotel around dinner and the small shopping also more convenience. noise bad, corridor master talk listening to have is clear.
  • alexandra829
    Newly renovated old hotel room, big beds are two small beds together, can't sleep
    Feel good!
  • enjoydone
    And we think it's great
  • e00139806
    Okay, did live in the past, every time the location, service, and overall can be. then live here. the key is nice
  • E01638320
    The new year to come out and play this next to Nanjing West Road ... ... Environment good.........
  • e04341325
    Where convenient, the hotel more comfortable.
  • jsy9924
    Second, around the same price than better
  • d01912996
    All right
  • AnnCandy
    Overall nice, clean and quiet at night. but in the restaurant prices are higher.
  • camelbag
    Friends book, not bad
  • abc99
    Which is very nice
  • satiloveu
    Price good
  • jing brother
    Room was good, also has tea can really bubble, but there is a little bit inconvenient, Metro is still a little way, dragging luggage not convenient!
  • CXT910410
    The front desk of the hotel is very good, gives a feel-good atmosphere
  • ascrown
    Very clean hotel
  • Aguiar
    Help customers customers responded well
  • tjw8727
    One floor of the hotel has a Kaibar,Belgium beer was good, very romantic, all foreigners. North, a few steps from the hotel there is a small Dr FRY, the taste is very good, opposite Metro Line 2 line 2 West Nanjing Road station to the bus. Nanjing West road going South all the way to the hotel, a few steps on the architecture of the 20 's of the last century, different styles.
  • Cici_cao
    Reserve hotels for customers, participate in during the show, very clean, good location, service was good
  • brian_miao_2011
    Not bad, I wonder whether your beds are single beds together too obvious, somehow getting a thick mat, Luo to panic, or only single Ah!
  • adu0124
    Hotel is well away from the United States visa Center ten minutes around the dining room clean and affordable to Shanghai will continue to choose later