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Hotel industry transformation overwhelming, Internet marketing into the trend

Date: 2014-04-18

O great wisdom, tak news agency, June 18, the transformation of the hotel industry has been overwhelming, in home inns hotel group CEO sun chien's view, development of national economy structure adjustment and transformation of social return to the nature of consumption, and the rise of the Internet consumer lifestyle changes, the main motors of the reform is to make the industry must face.
Sun chien is in the third China hotel association Lord make statements on the BBS. For the hotel industry development of the mobile Internet era, many in the industry, said that the layout of the hotel has related Internet, by fixing the product demand to do precise marketing.
Have begun * * * * hotel enterprise transformation fist
In the face of the change of market situation, domestic and international hotel have been in the way of transformation.
For Hilton international brands, the company since 2007 in China, the development of the whole really associated with transition. Hilton Hotel group President Zhang Shuyuan said that last year we launched the garden hotel, hotel, this is our first home in time on the node with the transformation of our very nature.
Zhang Shuyuan said, from the future development, we have four brands in China in the past, the future may need to introduce more brands, more attention to the market may be in the mid-range, accurately that is more focused on guest rooms, focused more on the very essence of our guest services and requirements.
As local's largest comprehensive hotel group, jin jiang hotel group CEO zhang xiaoqiang also said that at present, the company also in adjustment, to high-end hotels first-tier cities high-grade hotel rooms during the first half of the year compared with last year increase, the pressure is not very big.
Economy hotel annual compound growth rate of over 30%, the group has contributed a lot. Zhang xiaoqiang said that the future limited services and business services will be our key layout, the understanding of the industry is closely related with group. Concept of jinjiang city is more focused on comfort, more focus on the customer for the longest rooms and related products, the main brand. Jinjiang star also has a strong competitiveness, jinjiang restaurant is also a main force.
For the transformation of the catering industry, the ministry of commerce trade SiPeng g fountain head thought that it would be a key around the development of hotel restaurant popular, promote the development of more creditable of hotel food and beverage industry, and promote the development of information of hotel catering industry from three aspects to promote, the final goal is to achieve the brand catering and hotel industry.
Sun chien believes that transformation has three aspects, one is the livelihood of the people, for the accommodation services, core is better food, catering accommodation to be more consistent with your product positioning products and consumer; The second is the return to nature of services, with acceptable social services to improve the service level; The third is a must innovation, including the thought innovation and product innovation.
* * * * into Internet marketing trends
In the mobile Internet environment, the consumer has changed, after 80, 80, even after the millennium generation of consumers, with interconnected hotels and travel across the network to planning, and according to my feelings to make travel plans. Zhang xiaoqiang, I think it is a big change for the hotel, because consumers have changed.
"In the traditional concepts, business people should be sitting in the hotel desk work, but from the point of the future trend, except on official business, they are more need for social contact. They want to be sitting in a big room, more color very individual character, or a very spacious sofa, have this kind of group to handle their business, social concept, rather than in the area of the hotel rules, engaged in individual activities in the room." Zhang xiaoqiang said.
Costly, jinjiang this ten years, in the entire central platform to do a lot of investment and the breakthrough. Is currently the digital age, three years ago we had a private cloud, your own database, to accurately analyze the behavior of the guests.
For international brands, Zhang Shuyuan said Hilton to launch new services related to Internet applications, hotel experience, including hotel behavior will be. "China may be a very special one in the future, now everybody is doing, is moving from the media, is the whole hotel industry, may be now you can see, just don't know how to do it." Zhang Shuyuan said.
Kaiyuan group, director of the Shanghai songjiang hotel is that the Internet age, the hotel manager is a new thing, now a lot of management can be completely by the means of the Internet or an information platform to implement. And also can through accurate recommendations to achieve marketing.
Sun chien concludes that, from the transformation must be on thought, core, direction, seize the time, can make the industries and enterprises to keep up with the pace of society, advancing with The Times better development.